6. September 2011

Infographic workshop at GESTALTEN SPACE with Jan Schwochow

Golden Section Graphics

The Essence of Infographics
(2-day workshop)
Date: September 26 - 27, 2011
Time: 10:00 - 19:00
Location: Gestalten Space, Sophie-Gips-Höfe, Sophienstraße 21, 10178 Berlin, Germany
Language: German
Limited to 20 participants.

Participation Fee: €403 / $ 589 (including 20% Early Bird discount for bookings by Sept. 12 plus applicable VAT)
Infographics can be much more than merely boring diagrams or maps. Jan Schwochow will show you ways in which to visualize data in an attractive and possibly also unconventional manner. We will address the following topics together: How do I collect suitable data and information? How do I communicate complicated facts, and how can I tell complete stories merely by using graphics? When is an infographic a service, and when does it become art? When is an infographic an illustration? How are infographics employed in, respectively, advertising, PR, and journalism? Jan Schwochow will both share his experiences as an employed and independent infographic artist, as well as offer an overview of the domestic and international markets and the multifaceted world of infographics.

The following materials will be supplied for you during the workshop:
- paper (A3 and A4 format)
- pencils
- felt-tip pens

Please be sure to bring the following items with you when attending the workshop:
- laptop with graphics programs (recommended)

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